Casa Coral collage

Roatan Honduras: Casa Coral House Rental

We searched for months and months to find a rental home in Roatan, Honduras for our vacation. We needed a place for 4 adults and 3 kids. Rikaine (from the Beans & Tortillas travel blog) and I researched so many places our eyes were starting to gloss over. We weren't quite sure where to stay so we researched the towns in Roatan … [Read More...]

Psi Bands: Wristbands for Nausea Relief

Have you heard of Psi bands? Wristbands for nausea relief are all the rage these days and with very good reason. We had heard about these bands but didn't really believe the hype. So let me tell you, they work … [Read More...]

San Francisco: Alcatraz Island

San Francisco: Alcatraz

During our trip to San Francisco we went on one of the Alcatraz tours. We had booked it in advance and had wanted to do the Alcatraz night tour but those were sold out. The Alcatraz experience was awesome. We did … [Read More...]

San Francisco Cable Car

Our Trip to San Francisco

Sightseeing Around San Francisco We didn't get to spend a ton of time in San Francisco but the time we did get there was fun! We will most definitely have to return and spend a lot more time checking out this … [Read More...]

San Francisco Marriott Fisherman's Wharf

San Francisco Marriott Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel

Marriott Hotel, San Francisco After a few days in Carmel, CA we headed back to San Francisco for an overnight stay. We left early to get in enough time for touristy stuff around San Francisco. I'll share all … [Read More...]

Rappas Seafood Restaurant

Good Times at Fisherman’s Wharf: Monterey, CA

Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey, CA We weren't at Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, CA for very long.  We went there mostly to go on the Monterey Bay whale watching tour. But we did arrive early enough to walk around a … [Read More...]

Monterey Bay Whale Watch Center

Monterey Bay Whale Watching Tour: Blue Whale Video

Whale Watching Tour: An Experience to Remember The Monterey Bay whale watching tour was one of the highlights of our trip to California. We bought tickets in advance from the Monterey Bay Whale Watch tour company … [Read More...]

Dining in Carmel

Carmel, California: Dining

Our Carmel, California Dining Experience I wanted to write about our exceptional experience with a variety of restaurants in Carmel, California. Dining was a treat here. All of these restaurants were in walking … [Read More...]

Carmel Beach, CA

Carmel Beach, CA: The Perfect Place

Carmel Beach, CA: A Must-See! We were so excited to get down to Carmel Beach when we got into town.  Kev had been here before and just knew I would love it and the town of Carmel/Carmel-by-the-Sea. He was … [Read More...]

Carmel, CA Monte Verde Inn

Carmel, CA: Monte Verde Inn Bed & Breakfast

During our trip to Carmel, California we stayed at the Monte Verde Inn. I researched a lot of lodging options in both Carmel and Monterey well in advance of our trip. I always look at Trip Advisor for reviews but … [Read More...]

Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

Do I need to buy travel insurance? That is the big question among many travelers these days. You hear the warnings and most travel agents these days recommend travel insurance for ANY vacation. Is it really … [Read More...]