The Rodeo: Wauconda, IL

49th Annual IPRA Championship Rodeo

So every year we talk about wanting to go to the Wauconda, IL Rodeo which is just down the street from us.  Every year we find ourselves busy with something else.  I believe we are finally going to go this year!

I think it would be fun to watch and might make for a good date night.  It sounds like a great local event sponsored by the Wauconda Chamber of Commerce with awesome sponsors like American Eagle, Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune, Three Amigas, JJ Twigs and more.

The gates open early on Saturday evening so you can enjoy dinner and drinks under the big tent.  They will have live music and you can even grab your chance to ride a mechanical bull.  Oh but you won’t see me on that thing.  They will have a moonwalk for the kiddos too.

Then Sunday it all happens in the afternoon with a lot more options for the kids like a petting zoo, pony rides, Wild West Cowboys and more.  Sounds like a great time for the family to get out and have some fun together.

And speaking of the Wild West Cowboys, I think I heard a birdie say they were going to be at the Wauconda Farmer’s Market today. Might have to stop by and see a Wild West shootout *wink*

Vendors at the rodeo will have rodeo souvenirs as well. Who couldn’t use a cowboy hat?

Have you ever been to a rodeo?

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