Murals Make Memories That Last Forever

Murals Make Memories That Last Forever

Ah memories. You had the most fabulous trip ever and now you have tons of pictures and videos and even a cute set of salt and pepper shakers to prove it.

When you have a favorite destination in the whole wide world, even just thinking of it can bring back all those warm and fuzzy feelings. But why keep those memories all in your head, or tucked away in the coffee table scrap book? Did you know you can capture the essence of your favorite vacation spot with a custom wall mural?

It’s super easy to do. All you need to do is find your favorite digital photo and have it made into wall mural in the size of your choice.

Hmm, I take that back. Finding the perfect image from your trip may not be so easy. I know you will have to sort through hundreds of digital photos to find your favorite.

Here’s a tip to help you narrow it down bit by bit. First, decide whether you want a day or evening shot. Next, decide if the photo will have people in it- say you and your hubby. If yes, eliminate all photos that aren’t “couple shots.”

Once you have your choices narrowed down to the final few pictures, ask some friends which picture they like the best. Also, listen to your heart. If you just love a certain shot, even if you don’t know why, that just may be the perfect choice for you.

You can adorn a wall of your master bedroom with a sunset photo of your favorite beach. Or how about dressing up your dining room with a great shot of that market you went to in Paris for your honeymoon?

Whether it was a once in a lifetime trip, or a travel destination you go to all the time, if you have wonderful feelings and memories of it, you can bring those feelings to life with your favorite photo made into a custom mural.

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*Guest post by Artistic Home Owner

My favorite murals are the tropical and ocean and the sea life and underwater ones, of course!

What is your favorite wall mural on their website?


  1. Sophie says

    Hi Angie, I did the same with the photograph I took of the grand canyon where I went with my husband on our honeymoon. I made a custom mural for our study wall and it is such a good addition to what was a poky room before.

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