We’re Going to Roatan Honduras

Vacation planning Roatan HondurasVacation Planning: Roatan, Honduras

Our big 2014 vacation will be spent in Roatan, Honduras.  It won’t be for a while yet but we did start planning about a month ago.  This will be a lot different from our usual all-inclusive resort stays because we have family in Honduras who will meet us on the island and stay with us.  If our vacation turns into a 2 week stay, we might spend the last few nights at a hotel/resort once our family heads back to the mainland.

We would usually go to a travel agent to help plan and we still might check in with her to see if we are missing anything.  But I figured you all would like to step into our shoes and learn about the island right along with us.

I’ll share everything we have researched so far. The hardest part has been finding a house to rent!  There are a lot of options but we have found not all are created equal. I’ll explain in another post. This type of research has led us to start working on an affordable guide that will help others too.

The 2nd hardest part has been finding flights that will work for us.  We want to fly straight into Roatan and for the time frame we are looking they only have Saturday arrival flights and only ONE leaving Chicago, Ohare. Plus we have to fly United because we have flight credits to use.  I have faith we’ll find what we need.

We are making a list of activities we want to do, places to get groceries, transportation options, etc.  We are also looking into which area in Roatan might be the best for us to stay. That part hasn’t proven to be an easy task.

I give a lot of credit to Rikaine, the blogger behind Beans & Tortillas, whose family we’ll be traveling with for helping plan this vacation.  Like I said they will be coming to the island from the mainland Honduras so we have also had to research their travel options from Catacamas to Roatan.  They will have to drive quite a ways and then take the ferry.

Last night we called and surprised their 3 girls about our upcoming vacation. They are so excited!  We are really looking forward to this fun vacation.

If you have any tips for travel to Roatan, Honduras, please leave us a comment.

We look forward to sharing our experience with you!


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